DocTaggerver. 1.0

Easy document tagging for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. XML

Screenshot of DocTager running with Microsoft Word 2003

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What is DocTagger

DocTagger is a tagging application that works with Microsoft Office that allows you to tag your documents with relevant keywords. It is to your files what is to websites.

What are 'tags'?

A tag is a keyword assigned to a file so you can easily identify it among hundreds of similar but different files. You can assign several tags to a single file. In other words it is a simple way to keep organized.

What are the PC requirements to run DocTagger?

To use DocTagger you must have Microsoft Office XP or 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP.

Are the tagged Presentations and Documents compatible with OS X 10.4's or future versions of Windows Vista's built in search?

Yes. Files tagged with DocTagger store their tags in the "Keywords" field of the Presentation's properties. Any search application such as Google Desktop, OS X Spotlight or MSN Search will be able to use this information without needing to have DocTagger installed.

Will other people be able to see my tags if I E-Mail them my files?

Yes. The tags are saved in the "Keywords" field of the tagged file so anyone will be able to see your tags. Futhermore other users with DocTagger will be able to import the embedded tag information automatically.

Is there a Mac version of DocTagger?


by Robert Spychala